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Date Publication Headline Match
26/04/07 The Wharf It's a Docklands double Malory (Cup Final)
25/04/07 THR Double delight for superb Docklands Malory (Cup Final)
25/04/07 TD Double winners Malory (Cup Final)
19/04/07 The Wharf Docklands miss out in Malory setback Malory (H)
18/04/07 THR Malory send out a final warning Malory (H)
18/04/07 TD Stiff competition Malory (H)
12/04/07 The Wharf Tower of strength Malory (H - Preview)
05/04/07 The Wharf Champs still on a winning roll City of Bristol 1 (A)
04/04/07 THR Three and easy for Docklands City of Bristol 1 (A)
04/04/07 TD Docklands see off Bristol City of Bristol 1 (A)
29/03/07 The Wharf Docklands take the title Cambridge (H)
28/03/07 THR Docklands crowned national champions Cambridge (H)
28/03/07 TD Docklands takes league title early Cambridge (H)
22/03/07 The Wharf Docklands book final place City of Bristol 1 (Cup Semi)
21/03/07 THR Docklands to face the old foe in final City of Bristol 1 (Cup Semi)
21/03/07 TD Second cup final showdown City of Bristol 1 (Cup Semi)
08/03/07 The Wharf Leaders hold nerve Newcastle Staffs (A)
07/03/07 THR Staffs problems thing of the past Newcastle Staffs (A)
07/03/07 TD Docklands avoid repeat defeat Newcastle Staffs (A)
01/03/07 The Wharf Aiming for title Sheffield (H)
28/02/07 THR Docklands title boost Sheffield (H)
28/02/07 TD Docklands on track for title Sheffield (H)
21/02/07 Time Out Volley good show Sheffield (H)
15/02/07 The Wharf Docklands progress Aquila Lynx (A - Cup)
14/02/07 THR Docklands have the Lynx effect Aquila Lynx (A - Cup)
14/02/07 TD Docklands win semi-final spot Aquila Lynx (A - Cup)
08/02/07 The Wharf Team strengthen grip on top spot Warwick Riga (A)
07/02/07 TD Docklands battle to stay top Warwick Riga (A)
07/02/07 THR Docklands douse the Warwick fire Warwick Riga (A)
01/02/07 The Wharf Docklands set their sights on league win Manchester (H)
31/01/07 THR Docklands too hot for gallant Manchester Manchester (H)
25/01/07 The Wharf Harsh words toughen up Docklands for easy win Thames Valley (A)
24/01/07 THR Leaky Thames defence can't stop Docklands Thames Valley (A)
24/01/07 TD Docklands team in pole position Thames Valley (A)
18/01/07 The Wharf Old boy Ned has no joy against his former team Brentwood Estonians (A - Cup)
17/01/07 TD Cup victory...and now for the title... Brentwood Estonians (A - Cup)
17/01/07 THR Cool Docklands show their New Year resolution Brentwood Estonians (A - Cup)
14/12/06 The Wharf Hard work pays off as Docklands go top Polonia (H)
13/12/06 THR Docklands move to the table top Polonia (H)
13/12/06 TD Docklands top of the league Polonia (H)
08/12/06 London Lite Polonia preview Polonia (H)
07/12/06 The Wharf Glitz shows true grit Malory (A)
06/12/06 THR Docklands foes prove no match Malory (A)
06/12/06 TD Top of the table clash beckons Malory (A)
01/12/06 London Lite Top dogs off leash again City of Bristol 1 (H)
30/11/06 The Wharf Docklands defeat depleted visitors City of Bristol 1 (H)
29/11/06 THR Docklands still in with a shout City of Bristol 1 (H)
29/11/06 TD Best game so far this season City of Bristol 1 (H)
23/11/06 The Wharf Docklands back up to 2nd Cambridge (A)
22/11/06 THR Nice one Cyril earns first of four must-wins Cambridge (A)
22/11/06 TD Docklands slip back to 2nd Cambridge (A)
16/11/06 The Wharf Just 46mins to win Newcastle Staffs 2 (H - Cup)
15/11/06 THR Straight sets success in cup Newcastle Staffs 2 (H - Cup)
15/11/06 TD Docklands on top form Newcastle Staffs 2 (H - Cup)
02/11/06 The Wharf Volleyball team thrash Staffs Newcastle Staffs (H)
01/11/06 THR Docklands gain Masterful win Newcastle Staffs (H)
01/11/06 TD We're back in the running Newcastle Staffs (H)
26/10/06 The Wharf Errors prove costly Sheffield (A)
25/10/06 THR Legrand woe in big defeat Sheffield (A)
25/10/06 TD Bitter blow to title hopes Sheffield (A)
19/10/06 The Wharf Docklands scoop third win in a row Warwick Riga (H)
18/10/06 THR Alas poor Warwick crash to Docklands Warwick Riga (H)
18/10/06 TD Neil gives a master class Warwick Riga (H)
12/10/06 The Wharf Captain helps Docklands to hard-fought win Manchester (A)
11/10/06 THR Glitz blitzes Manchester Manchester (A)
11/10/06 TD Docklands moving on up Manchester (A)
28/09/06 The Wharf Docklands are in impressive form Thames Valley (H)
27/09/06 THR Three and easy for Docklands Thames Valley (H)
27/09/06 TD Campaign back on track Thames Valley (H)
21/09/06 The Wharf Signings could be crucial Polonia (A)
20/09/06 THR Docklands suffer an early setback Polonia (A)
20/09/06 TD Docklands suffer early setback Polonia (A)
13/09/06 THR Polonia test first up for Legrand's men Season preview

THR = Tower Hamlets Recorder

TD = The Docklands

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