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Date Publication Headline Match
26/07/06 THR Four in a row for mighty Docklands Whitefield
26/07/06 TD Fourth title for Docklands volleyball Whitefield
17/05/06 TD Docklands player is man of the match Spring Cup
10/05/06 TD Volleyball star aims for cup success in Estonia Spring Cup
27/04/06 The Wharf Docklands fall at final KO hurdle Malory (Cup Final)
26/04/06 THR Docklands beaten Malory (Cup Final)
26/04/06 TD Cup final defeat Malory (Cup Final)
20/04/06 The Wharf Confidence is high after Trophy win KO Cup final preview
12/04/06 TD Final countdown LCT Finals
12/04/06 THR Depleted Docklands defy the odds in Trophy LCT Finals
06/04/06 The Wharf Docklands defeated City of Bristol (H)
05/04/06 THR Early defeats prove Docklands undoing City of Bristol (H)
22/03/06 THR Win assures Docklands of at least second Warwick Riga (H)
22/03/06 TD Docklands keep their cool Warwick Riga (H)
16/03/06 The Wharf Volleyball wonders Warwick Riga (Cup Semi)
15/03/06 TD Up for the cup Warwick Riga (Cup Semi)
15/03/06 THR Alas, poor Warwick are just blown away Warwick Riga (Cup Semi)
09/03/06 The Wharf Docklands bring on the big hitter KO Cup semi final preview
08/03/06 THR Docklands ready for semi showdown White Eagles (H - LCT) & semi preview
08/03/06 TD Semi-finals place booked White Eagles (H - LCT)
01/03/06 TD Keeping title hopes alive Malory (A)
01/03/06 THR Dejan's debut proves vital for title hopes Malory (A)
22/02/06 THR Perfect weekend for Docklands Aquila (H) & White Eagles (H - Cup)
22/02/06 TD Docklands book semi's place White Eagles (H - Cup)
08/02/06 TD Volleyball comeback Polonia (H - LCT)
08/02/06 THR Docklands delighted as Porter joins again Polonia (H - LCT)
02/02/06 The Wharf League win but cup is a letdown Cambridge (A) & White Eagles (A)
01/02/06 THR Docklands keep league form going but suffer surprise Trophy setback Cambridge (A) & White Eagles (A)
25/01/06 THR Dejan duly shows his class on debut Thames Valley (A - Cup)
18/01/06 THR Groy rolls back the years Sheffield (H)
11/01/06 THR Docklands sink bottom of the class Students Loughboro Students (A)
14/12/05 THR Vincett given a perfect send-off by Docklands Polonia (A)
07/12/05 THR Glitz early front-runner -
30/11/05 THR Docklands bounce back Newcastle Staffs (H)
23/11/05 THR Legrand expects side to show true colours Warwick Riga (A)
16/11/05 THR Rockets blasted away Nottingham Rockets (A - Cup)
10/11/05 The Wharf Volleyball stars edged out by rivals Malory (H)
02/11/05 THR Docklands lose out to Malory in thrilling derby Malory (H)
26/10/05 THR Six out of six for volleyball boys Aquila Lynx (A)
19/10/05 THR Docklands fine run continues Cambridge & Loughboro (H)
12/10/05 THR Docklands climb up to the top Sheffield & Newcastle Staffs (A)
29/09/05 The Wharf Return by Glitz but no sparks Polonia (H)
28/09/05 THR Smart Alex starts well City of Bristol (A)
21/09/05 THR Glitz blitz not enough to save Docklands Polonia (H)

THR = Tower Hamlets Recorder

TD = The Docklands

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