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Date Publication Headline Match
13/04/05 THR Alas, poor Warwick beaten by Docklands Warwick Riga (A)
09/03/05 THR Faltering Docklands slip to second loss in a row Newcastle Staffs (A)
03/03/05 The Wharf Volley club hope gone Malory (H)
02/03/05 THR Doleful Docklands see their dream destroyed Malory (H)
24/02/05 The Wharf Docks side take game Cambridge (A)
23/02/05 THR A degree of satisfaction at Cambridge Cambridge (A)
09/02/05 THR Docklands recover to strengthen title push Sheffield (A)
02/02/05 THR Docklands return to title chase in style Leeds (H)
26/01/05 THR Complacent Docklands fail Cambridge test Cambridge (H - Cup)
12/01/05 THR Docklands unscathed in derby clash Aquila Lynx (H)
29/12/04 THR Disappointed Docklands denied that elusive title 2004 Review
15/12/04 THR Vital victory in final match of the year Polonia (A)
08/12/04 THR Docklands survive scare Warwick Riga (H)
24/11/04 THR London make it five to consolidate spot Newcastle Staffs (H)
17/10/04 THR Docklands' fresh faces help avoid a cup upset Ashcombe (A - Cup rd 2)
03/11/04 THR Malory scale heights as Docklands' record falls Malory (A) & Harriers (H)
27/10/04 THR Cambridge honours go to the new recruit Cambridge (H)
13/10/04 THR Three out of three as Docklands dominate Sheffield (H)
30/09/04 The Wharf Mixed bag for teams Aquila Lynx (A)
29/09/04 THR Sliti and Stolberg return to haunt their former team Aquila Lynx (A)
23/09/04 The Wharf Flying start Polonia (H)
22/09/04 THR Docklands battle back to victory Polonia (H)
15/09/04 THR Title bid to develop in Docklands 2004-05 Preview

THR = Tower Hamlets Recorder

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