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Press Cuttings Index
Date Publication Headline Match
28/07/04 THR Docklands celebrate Glitzy finish Whitefield 2004
22/07/04 The Wharf Hard hitters Whitefield 2004
31/03/04 THR Docklands fail to depose the champions Malory (H)
25/03/04 The Wharf Volley victory for Docklands Premier League Rd 3
24/03/04 THR Docklands aiming to add second trophy Premier League Rd 3
10/03/04 THR Docklands' cup dreams are dashed Malory (A - Cup Semi)
03/03/04 THR Docklands' chance to dethrone champs Warwick Riga (H)
11/02/04 THR Holders must master Malory again Aquila (A - Cup Qtr)
04/02/04 THR Docklands tighten their grip Premier League Rd 2
28/01/04 THR Docklands show steal in Sheffield to stay in pole position Leeds & Sheffield (A)
21/01/04 THR RAF are grounded by Docklands display Harriers (H - Cup Rd 3)
14/01/04 THR Docklands sink Staffs to hold top spot Speedwell & Newcastle Staffs (H)
01/01/04 The Wharf Docks enter league with high hopes Premier League Rd 1
31/12/03 THR Docklands make satisfying debut Premier League Rd 1
17/12/03 THR Sweet revenge keeps Docklands in pole position Polonia (A)
11/12/03 The Wharf Top of the world Aquila (H)
10/12/03 THR Loss of power fails to derail Docklands Aquila (H)
03/12/03 THR Docklands' demolition job on champions Malory (A)
26/11/03 THR Docklands blunt Sheffield's steel Sheffield (H)
06/11/03 The Wharf We've hit the big time -
05/11/03 THR Docklands display last season's form Salford (H)
15/10/03 THR Docklands duo destroy Leeds Leeds (H)
01/10/03 THR Docklands given a scare by struggling Speedwell Speedwell (A)
24/09/03 THR Docklands title chances take a battering Polonia (H)
17/09/03 THR Docklands avenge Aquila loss Aquila (A)

THR = Tower Hamlets Recorder

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