Player Number 1


Outside Hitter/Libero

Date of Birth

31st January 1969

Place of Birth

Belgrade, Yugoslavia





Debut 08/10/94 v Essex Estonians
Appearances 208 (18 as captain, 11 as Libero)


Shipping Officer

Ned originates from Yugoslavia but is now a British resident. He is well known for his strong hits that either leave holes in the floor, the back wall or the opposition. Ned famously forced a hotel out of business simply by helping himself at the breakfast buffet.

Ned also played in 51 matches for Malory 2. He is joint 2nd with Alexis Blair in the All Time list.

After over 12 years with the club he left in October 2006 to join Brentwood Estonians. Despite an Achilles injury (sustained during a Docklands training session) Ned is now back playing again and faced his old club at the start of the 2011-12 season (read the report here).

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