Whitefield 2006

All action shots are by Jon McGugan.

Aldis Jaundzeikars attacks against Newcastle Staffs in a pool match.

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Left: Danny Weemes attacks against White Eagles in a pool match. Right: Ben Wilkinson sets for Efe Eruero against White Eagles.

Left: Efe Eruero digs as Weemes and Hopper look on. Right: Ben Wilkinson sets in the semi final against ULU.

Libero Neil Masters passes while Eruero and Glitz support and Porter and Halatchev look on.

Left: Albrecht Glitz passes. Right: Albrecht Glitz tips from the back court in the semi final against ULU.

Danny Weemes and Efe Eruero block Yoshiaki Hori in the final against White Eagles.

Left: Albrecht Glitz blocks former Docklands player Andy Omoshebi. Right: Danny Weemes attacks in the final.

Left: Albrecht Glitz and Efe Eruero block during the final. Right: Efe Eruero attacks in the final.

Left: Docklands celebrate. Right: Captain Boris Halatchev receives the trophy from the Mayouress of Bath.

Left: Danny Primus receives the women's MVP award (on behalf of one of his Team DR players). Middle: Danny Weemes receives the Men's MVP award. Right: Boris Halatchev hangs onto the trophy and medals


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