Weymouth Classic 2007

A strong Docklands contingent at the Weymouth Classic.

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Albrecht Glitz (right) with partner Steve Fee on centre court. They would later lose the final 2-1 for the second year in a row.

Albrecht serving.

Enrico Savoia and Francesco Riginelli debate tactics.

Enrico serves and scores.

The Italians strike a pose.

Nik Ruh passes to Cyril Kubr.

Battle of the Docklands - Ruh/Kubr take on Riginelli/Savoia.

Ruh/Kubr win 2-1 but they're still friends (although we're not sure where Frank's elbow is heading).

The Docklands supporters club: Meagan, Martin, Kathleen, Al, Madleen, Boris, Jane and Mary.

Gergana, Natalia, Boris and Jane.


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