Boris and Gergana's wedding

Boris Halatchev and Gergana Halatcheva pose with their best man and best woman.

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Alexis Blair and Albrecht Glitz await Boris' arrival in Gergana's parents flat and then greet their team mate after he forces his way in.

Boris and Gergana begin their danceathon.

Part of the Docklands contingent.

A rare photo of Docklands and ULU together which demonstrates that ULU have recovered from their defeat in the final of the London Challenge Trophy.

Boris carries Gergana to their waiting car.

Boris finds out what it's like in the back seat.

Martin Blake strikes a familiar pose.


Boris relieves Gergana of her garter.

Albrecht "I'm a laydee" Glitz cools off.

Father and son enjoy a sing song.

Albrecht Glitz joins the happy couple.


Albrecht Glitz and Martin Blake find out the bar has closed.

The night after (1)

The night after (2)

The night after (3)

The night after (4) - Boris prepares for another round of Tequila.

The night after (5) - More dancing.

Alexis Blair goes to his favourite boutique.

Andy Hopper and Alexis Blair meet Ned Groy's role model, Ganev, the Bulgarian volleyball legend.


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