Alexis and Karen's wedding highlights

Ushers Albrecht Glitz and Andy Vincett prepare to receive the guests.

Miscellaneous Photo Index

Boris Halatchev, Gergana Karaivanova, Meagan Geyer and Martin Blake smile for the camera.

The team enjoy the sunset. L-R: Martin Blake, Boris Halatchev, Gergana Karaivanova, Jesse Kaptein, Meagan Geyer, Albrecht Glitz, Jane Bramwell, Andy Hopper, Jacklin Groy, Ned Groy and Julie York.

Andy Vincett and Albrecht Glitz begin pre-season training.

Ned Groy and Jesse Kaptein keep up their normal dietary regime.

Boris Halatchev and Meagan Geyer.

Albrecht Glitz shows off his dance moves with the bridesmaids.

Martin Blake demonstrates his best air guitar.

Martin Blake does his Peter Crouch impression while Boris Halatchev, Alexis Blair and Meagan Geyer ignore the show.


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